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A sentiment analysis of Miley Cyrus’ Instagram accounts.


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Scheibe, K., Philipps, J., Schaffarczyk, L., Nikolic, J., & Stock, W. G.


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Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Social Media (ECSM 2018), Limerick, Ireland (pp. 274-282). Reading, UK: Academic Conferences and Publishing Limited.


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A sentiment analysis of Miley Cyrus’ Instagram accounts.

Introduction. Do haters’ or admires’ comments “Come in Like a Wrecking Ball”? In order to answer this question, a sentiment analysis of comments in Miley Cyrus’ Instagram accounts was performed. The social  media-sharing service Instagram gained popularity in the recent years. Every registered user is able to  comment on the uploaded media and express one’s sentiment about it. Especially celebrities seem to attract  attention from mostly anonymous haters and admires. This investigation focuses on cyber hate and cyber  love on a polarizing celebrity – Miley Cyrus. She gained fame as a teenage girl in the TV show Hannah  Montana in 2006. She wanted to change her image and earned negative response for her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2013 and her music clip of the song “Wrecking Ball”. Does a polarizing celebrity like Miley Cyrus get positive or negative response on social media for her behavior? Additional research  includes a time series on the sentiment towards Miley Cyrus’ posts. Are there differences between the  sentiments expressed on the official Miley Cyrus account and fan-based accounts? Methods. To discover what  amount of sentiments (negative, positive, neutral) prevail in the comment section of a well-known celebrity and whether there is more negative or positive feedback, a dictionary-based sentiment analysis on more than 660,000 filtered comments of media concerning to Miley Cyrus has been performed. First the data has been collected through the Instagram API from the official as well as fan-based Miley Cyrus accounts. Afterwards the comments were preprocessed by a python script. The comments have been translated, words without any impact have been replaced with a general term (e.g. usernames or links), and comments with no sense (e.g. “first”), advertisements, as well as chain mails have been deleted. Finally, the sentiment of each  comment has been computed. Results. The official Instagram account of Miley Cyrus has the least positive comments and is more susceptible for negative comments. Miley Cyrus gets more positive than negative feedback for her critical behavior; and the sentiment value decreases over time as she acts less polarizing and more unappealing.



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