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Titel / Titel:

Informational city identity and entrepreneurship japanese major cities as case studies.


Author / Autor

Meier, A., & Fietkiewicz, K.J.


Source / Quelle Creative and Knowledge Society. International Scientific Journal, 2017, 2, 16-29.


Language / SpracheEnglish / Englisch



Informational city identity and entrepreneurship japanese major cities as case studies. 

Japan, once a synonym for economic success and innovation, struggles economically since the bursting of the speculative bubble in the 1990s. Even if recent stimulus packages seem to slowly bear fruit, the country probably won't be anywhere near its old strength anytime soon. One of the reasons for Japans lasting struggle may be the lack of entrepreneurial activity, well documented by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), which regularly ranks the nation that spawned Toyota, Sony and Mitsubishi in the lower part of its Global Report Rankings. When it comes to starting an own business, Japanese Culture, so the argument goes, nowadays fosters fear of failure rather than entrepreneurial spirit. However, not only  countries,  but   also   cities   have   their   own   cultural   identity-be   that an industrial metropolis, a harbour town or a religious place of pilgrimage. The aim of this study is to find out, whether there is a correlation between the identity of a city (emerged during its development as an informational city) and the entrepreneurial activity  in  this  region.  For  this  purpose  we  investigated  10 of Japans major emerging informational cities by collecting data on four different infrastructures: the ubiquitous (digital) infrastructure, the smart infrastructure, the knowledge infrastructure and the creative infrastructure. We correlated these factors with the entrepreneurial  activity  in  the  cities  in  order  to  answer the following questions: does the identity of a city have any influence on the level of entrepreneurship   within   it?   And,    is    there    a    correlation    between the entrepreneurial activity and one of the four infrastructures of an informational city?


Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Informational City, Cities of the Knowledge Society, City Identity