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Titel / Titel:Maturity and Usability of e-Government in Informational World Cities
Author / AutorMainka, A., Fietkiewicz, K., Kosior, A., Pyka, S., & Stock, W.


Source / QuelleE. Ferrari & W. Castelnovo (Eds.), Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on e-Government. University of Insubria Varese, Italy, 13-14 June 2013 (pp. 292-300). Reading, UK: Academic Conferences and Publishing International (ACPI).
Language / SpracheEnglish / Englisch

Maturity and Usability of e-Government in Informational World Cities


In view of the increased popularity of e‐Government in the development of Informational World Cities, i.e. prototypical cities of the knowledge society (such as Singapore, Seoul or Hong Kong), we present two research questions: What is the state of maturity of e‐Government in Informational World Cities? How high (or low) is their degree of usability? In order to deal with these issues, we formulate an extended criterion model for the quantification of e‐Government maturity, and analyse the average quality of the navigation systems of 31 identified Informational World Cities' official websites.