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Titel / Titel:Image indexing through hashtags in Instagram.
Author / Autor

Dorsch, I., Zimmer, F., & Stock, W. G.


Source / Quelle80th Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science & Technology, Washington, DC, Oct. 27 – Nov. 1, 2017 (pp. 658-659).


Language / SpracheEnglish / Englisch


Image indexing through hashtags in Instagram.

Image indexing and knowledge representation on Instagram are organized by folksonomy-oriented hashtags.
What kinds of hashtags do Instagram users apply for different picture categories? We distinguish between food, pets, selfies, friends, activity, art, fashion, quotes (captioned photos), landscape and architecture as image categories, as well as content-related (ofness, aboutness, iconology), emotiveness, isness,  performativeness, fakeness, “Insta”-tags and sentences as hashtag categories.
Are there any differences in relative frequencies of hashtags in the image categories? What hashtag categories
dominate users’ indexing activities? Given an image category, what is the distribution of hashtag categories?
Given a hashtag category, what is the distribution of image categories? We analyzed 1,000 pictures on  Instagram with all-in-all 14,649 hashtags deploying content analysis.