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Titel / Title Information behavior on video on demand services: User motives and their selection criteria for content.
Author / Autor Gutzeit, J., Dorsch, I., & Stock, W. G.
Source / Quelle Information, 2021, 12(4), art. no. 173, 1-11.
Language / Sprache English / Englisch



Introduction. Are viewers of video-on-demand (VoD) services more intrinsically (i.e., preferentially self-determined) or extrinsically (i.e., externally determined) motivated when selecting movies and series? For extrinsic motivation, we distinguish between algorithmically generated suggestions from the services and personal recommendations from other users. Methods. We empirically investigated the information behavior on video streaming services of users from German-speaking countries with the help of an online survey (N = 1258). Results. Active VoD users watch videos online mainly on a daily basis. They are externally determined in the selection of their videos both by algorithmically generated recommendations from the systems and―to a higher extent―from personal suggestions from acquaintances, friends, and relatives. However, there is a clear indication that intrinsic motivation plays a major role in the selection of videos. Discussion. Users of VoD services move in a cycle between machine-generated recommendations, suggestions, and exchange of opinions from and with other people, and self-determined information behavior. View Full-Text

Keywords: video on demand; VoD services; information behavior; motivation; recommender systems; personal recommendations; intrinsic motivation; extrinsic motivation

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