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Bürgeruni Projekt von Dr. Jasmin Pfeifer.
Sprachforscherin untersucht Mundart in Steinach
Fernsehbericht während der Untersuchungen vor Ort in Thüringen.
Hier geht es zum Video: https://www.mdr.de/video/mdr-videos/f/video-813424.html

The Institute of Linguistics is divided into five linguistic areas, each corresponding to a sub-area of ​​linguistics, and the area of ​​information science.

At the Institute of Linguistics, integrative courses in which several subjects contribute to a joint course of study, and supplementary subjects can be studied. Bachelor of arts, master of arts and the doctorate are offered.


  • Bachelor of Arts Information Science and Language Technology  (expired 30.09.2020)
  • Bachelor of Arts Information Science as a supplementary subject (expired 30.09.2020)
  • Master of Arts Information Science and Language Technology (expired 30.09.2022)

Bachelor Linguistics
(integrative and complementary subject)

Dr. Jasmin Pfeifer

Master Linguistics
Apl.-Prof. Dr. Ruben van de Vijver

Bachelor Computational Linguistics
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Laura Kallmeyer

Bachelor Information Science 
(integrative and complementary subject)

via the secretariat of the department -

Master Information Science and Language Technology
via the secretariat of the department -

Linguistics und Computational Linguistics
, ,

Information  Science
Dr. Aylin Imeri, B.A., B.A., M.A.


Image film of the Institute of Linguistics

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dr. Indefrey

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